Mission Statement & Values from the President and Founder of Painter Pro

Mission Statement & Values from the President and Founder of Painter Pro

Sam Reuter, Founder

When I started Painter Pro in 2015, I wanted to create a company that caters to the customer, first and foremost, but also one that caters to our staff and employees. The goal is to create the ultimate customer experience possible, while also creating the best opportunity for our staff and partners in business. In addition, we want to be involved in the communities we work in, and help to make them a better place.

My goal in business and in life is to be the best person and citizen I can be. That means not only providing the best service to my valued customers and staff, but also to be the best role model I can be to my future children, and fellow members of the community. I want to set an example for every person I can, and hopefully be an inspiration to them as well. I want my staff to be the same role model to their peers and to promote the same image across the board at Painter Pro.

The image we promote is not an act, it is the core value of the company. The image we promote is the type of company that we want to be, and the type of people we aspire to be. When you hire Painter Pro, you can rest assured that the job will not be finished until you, the customer, is completely satisfied. We want raving customers that refer us to everyone they know! That is our top priority, to be the best painting company you have ever worked with.

We are fully committed to each and every customer, no matter the size of the job, because we understand the value of a customer to the fullest.

About Us

Painter Pro was founded in 2015 by Sam Reuter, with the intention of providing every customer with the same, great experience! The idea for Painter Pro came along after a few years of working in the construction industry, and realizing there was a way to make an impact on the local community! The main mission at Painter Pro is to expand our footprint in the communities we serve in Central Indiana by not only providing great painting services, but also by being involved in our local communities; this being through community service, charitable donations, sponsoring local events and teams, and by serving on the local government.

Sam would love at the end of his career to know that he did everything he could for the painting industry, and is leaving the community in a better place. Sam is an appointed member of the Martinsville City Planning Commission, and an elected Vice-Chairman of the Commission. He has also served on multiple subcommittees to help improve the local town and community. At Painter Pro, we believe in service above all, that is what separates us from the competition. Not only are we great painters, but we also know what it takes to wow a customer. This takes many factors, a few being - great communication skills, completing projects on-time from start to finish, high-quality personnel who treat every project with the same respect and integrity it takes to provide an extraordinary paint job. To put it quite simply, at Painter Pro, We Make Painting Easy!

There are many great painting companies out there, but we believe that we provide something nobody else does. Integrity, honesty, and continual education. We are members of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America actively pursuing accreditation from the organization, which is not an easy task. We are constantly learning new techniques while also staying up to date on the constantly evolving world of painting technology. Whether this is how to paint a wall better and more efficiently, or how to provide an even better customer service, we are always learning. There is a saying “that you can finish school, but you never finish your education.”

We are also proud accredited members of the Better Business Bureau. Next time you need painting, or are thinking about getting painting done, please consider Painter Pro, where we take an education-based approach to all of our customers. We offer free consultations, along with free quotes and itemized proposals. We send out a Consumer Awareness Guide before every appointment to help educate our customers on how to hire a quality painter that will take care of them. Hopefully, we get the opportunity to complete your desired project for you, but if not we still want to make sure you get a quality job from somebody else, even if it is not Painter Pro. We hear too many stories of people getting ripped off by their painter, so we hope to make the painting industry better and more transparent for all of our prospective customers. So please give us the opportunity to serve you with your next painting project for either your home or business.